Psychic Revolution (Sunsong)

Turn on to the sun
Join the new age mission
Tune in to the earth
Use your inner vision
Drop out of your hate
Greed and blind ambition
Now the time has come
To make your own decision

Psychick revolution
Cosmic evolution
Live together, love together
It's the only sane solution

Muslim Hindu Christian Jew
Moonie Atheist Rasta
You don't need no new messiah
You've no need for a master
Your old rulers and old creeds
Have led us to disaster
Now it's time to free your soul
The age of fear is past now

Psychick revolution...

We don't need no governments
We don't need no money
We don't need no nuclear bombs
We don't need milk and honey
We don't need no violence
We don't need no hate
We just need to save the world
Before it's far too late
(before it's far too late)

Share the telepathic dream
Beneath the moonlit sky
At a circle of old stone
From ages long gone by
In a ritual of peace
Receive the answers why
In our music and our dance
Our spirits soar so high

Psychick revolution...

So when the pressure gets too hot
You know the time has come
To join the festivals of love
Of power and freedom
On the sacred days of truth
We celebrate old wisdom
At the circles of earth and stone
All is one

Psychick revolution...

Love is the solution
For the psychick revolution
For planetary evolution
We need a green constitution
No more isolation
Try spiritual integration
Sing throughout the nation
Of the new age revelation
Seek throughout your mind
Seek and thou shalt find
Open your heart into your dreams
All is not what it seems
All war's past now
No more masters
No more signs
of destruction
Open your heart
Open your mind
Sing throughout the nation
Of the new age revelation
Turn on to the sun
Tune in to the earth
Love is the solution!