Burnin' With The Fire

Burnin' with the Fire
Breathin' in the air
Drinkin' all the cool clear water
Living on the earth

Quicksilver messenger
Master of the crossroads
Springtime step lightly
Into my mind
Golden one whisper
Airy ferryman
Sail from the east
On the wings of the wind
(Wings of the wind)

Burnin' with the fire...

Desert flower
Flaming will
Crackle with energy
Under my skin
Red lion roaring
Pulses racing
Roaming the south
I am open, come in
(Oh come in)

Burnin' with the fire

Pearl grey warrior
Ghostly quest
Prince of twighlight
Sailing west
Intuition, sundown lady
Ancient serpent of the sea
Misty queen of twilight waters
Silverfoot come silently
(Come silently)

Burnin' With The Fire...

Mother of mountains
Mother of trees
Mother of midnight
Mother of earth
Root and leaf
And flower and thorn
Come to us, Come to us
Out of the north
(Come fire & earth & wind & water)

Burnin' with the fire..
(repeat chorus)