Reviewed July 2002 - Head Trips & Flashbacks

Psychic Revolution (1994)

Many thanks to Ken Golden (Laser's Edge) for turning me on to the beatific Boris spin. Ripley's Believe It Or Not type rumours and circulating factoids regarding the artist's over-the-top life leave an indelible impression within one's cranium that life is, indeed, stranger than fiction... or music. And in this case, the music is a bit more than preternatural !!

Apparently, the Bolshie one's father may have been a clandestine homophile defector from the Soviet diplomatic corps with possible links to intelligence agencies that eventually precipitated his assassination. And, it seems Boris may not have been text book definition of a shrinking violet. A possible stretch in the Gulag is rumoured to have stemmed from involvement with counter culture revolutionary activity in Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

The music, I dare state, establishes a credible nexus with the album's title, Psychic Revolution, and the rather incroyable life of the artist (right). And I would be remiss if I were not to add that it seems Jimi Hendrix was more than a subtle influence. In fact, the spin contains two Hendrix covers, Purple Haze and Voodoo Chile, performed with what might be termed a very bolshie intergalactic interpretation. Of course, a large part of the phantasmagoric aural experience emanates from the use of an electric balalaika... reputedly stolen by Boris from his father. Coupled with sci-fi FX, the juiced 3-string creates a unique and singular play.

As with any initial exposure to radical new sound, one may have a heard one, heard all reaction. However, given a chance, Psychic Revolution proves far more than odd and extravagant aural output. Among the spin's highlights is an anti-Desert Storm cut, Onward Christian Soldier, that delivers its message sans any ambiguity. And fueling the revolution is the culinary delicacy, Toadstool Soup, whose unusual aftereffects on prison guards supposedly helped cut Boris' labor camp internment short.

Though it's doubtful a true psychic revolution will ever be realized, Psych Tripper recommends feeding your head by giving this revolution a spin. As Boris might say, Turn On... Tune In... Take Over.

Boris and his Bolshie Balalaika - Psychic Revolution - Apparently the artist's life has been as curious as his music... eerie acidic social commentary... feed your head

East-European cult-hero BORIS who's mind got blown away by JIMI HENDRIX at a gig in Sweden 67, has never recovered since and has been playing STONEHENGE festivals the last few years together with OZRICS and HAWKWIND On his debut album he blends 26 years of WAY-OUT experience into a cohesive dayglo pagan ACID-ROCK EXTRAVAGANZA Next to a extensive version of MAGIC MUSHROOM all time classic TOADSTOOL SOUP he covers 2 HENDRIX classics