• An Electric Sausage Protest (Naked, Stoned and Proud), What The F*** Records (Ultra rare Hungarian 4 track EP 1968)
  • Ilkley Moor (Ba'at 'Ed), featuring Pat Atha (vocals) Bolshie Recordings BLR001(very limited 3-track CD Single 2008

Compilation Appearances:

  • "Toadstool Soup" (full version) on Last Daze of the Underground, Delerium Compilation 3CD box set - Esoteric (Cherry Red) Records ECLEC 32245, February 2011 delerium
  • "Purple Haze" on Pick & Mix, DELEC CDD 023, October 1995 Pick & Mix album cover
  • "Toadstool Soup" (Full Version) on free compilation CD issued with Audio Magazine (Greece)  February 1995 
  • Audio CD
  • "Toadstool Soup (Slight Send & Slight Return)" on Fun With Mushrooms Compilation, LP/CD, Delerium Records DELEC CD/LP009. 1993. Fun with Mushrooms album cover


Other Recordings:

  • Live at Nantwich 1993
  • Note - The Delerium Records Back Catalogue was bought by Cherry Red Records (Esoteric Label) in 2011, including Psychic Revolution.