Psychic Revolution 

Released by Delerium

psychic revolution album cover

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But below are links to the lyrics:

Thanks to: Vicki, James & Robert, Richard Allen (Freakbeat / Delerium), Louise MacAuley (Artwork), Bun, Bri & Co (Poisoned Electrick Head), Tim Howard, Dave Evans & St. Helens Music Collective (RIP), Damian & Rob (Tansads), Rat, Geoff & Sue (THC), Sharon & Joe (wherever you are!), Mark Radcliffe, Club Dog, Keith & Steve (Space Agency), Daevid A., Hawkwind, Geoff C, Eugene (LCC), Pixie, Pete W, Demetri (for getting me up on stage in the first place, scanning & DTP), Stephen 'HQ' Lea, Splash Studios (Wigan), Syngen & RTS for DAT mastering, Baal's Brook, Paul (Dungeon) & Barry for illumination, and all those who the pi** in the early days!

All lyrics reproduced by Boris except "Burnin' With The Fire" by Boris / Walker, reproduced with permission.